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Project Description
Paladin is a generic, feature-rich application framework that is designed for today's competitive rapid application development (RAD) environment. It provides a library of classes and a set of tools that developers can easily use to quickly create the foundations of their applications. The core library of classes in Paladin were designed to adhere to the layered-application framework design pattern to allow maximum extensibility, maintainability and scalability for applications.

At the Data Access Layer, Paladin provides features ranging from automatic SQL generation, stored-procedure binding to object-relational mapping and persistence. Developers can easily persist an entire object hierachy in one method call. At the Business Services Layer, Paladin provides base classes for creating Entity objects and collections that represents the data stored in the physical data storage.

Basic Business Components and base component classes are also provided for developers to extend to encapsulate their application business logic. The business components in paladin can easily support transactional services by seamlessly integrating to .NET's EnterpriseServices.

Most frameworks require a high learning curve where developers need to spend a lot of time studying the internals before a single line of code can be written. Paladin simplifies the implementation process with a powerful wizard application - the Business Entity Wizard (BEWizard), whereby all necessary foundation code can be generated in C# or VB.NET within a few clicks.

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